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Membership Principles

The Alliance of Chief Executives brings leaders together in safe, confidential environments where they can discuss their most challenging strategic issues and opportunities. Members come together with the understanding that in exchange for their willingness to share their personal experience and knowledge, they gain access to the collective experience and wisdom of CEOs from virtually every industry and market sector. To maximize the power of each of our private Alliance Groups, members agree by joining the Alliance to adhere to the following principles:

Alliance members agree that information divulged during private Alliance Group meetings shall be treated as confidential. Although we do not generally engage in discussions regarding, or ask members to share, highly confidential information (such as trade secrets, proprietary information, or information subject to a non-disclosure agreement), we do discuss business strategies and other issues that may be sensitive in nature. Members must use their own judgment and discretion in determining what information they choose to disclose. However, Alliance members typically feel comfortable in discussing their most challenging strategic issues because of the mutual understanding that members will honor the confidentiality of the information discussed in their private Alliance Group.

Alliance members gain the most value from the collective experience and wisdom of their fellow members when they discuss their most difficult strategic issues or most exciting opportunities. The most valuable ideas emerge when discussing major initiatives or significant challenges. The time our CEOs spend together is too valuable to waste on day-to-day tactical or routine operational issues.

Alliance members agree not to trade in the securities of any public companies with which any of the other members in their private Alliance Group are associated.

Alliance members understand that it is not appropriate to use their Alliance membership to solicit the business of other Alliance members. It is acceptable, however, for Alliance members to buy products or services from other Alliance members if they choose to do so.

Alliance members understand that the Alliance is not in the business of offering specific advice or recommendations. Alliance members make their own decisions and are not required or under any obligation to follow any recommendations of any representative or member of the Alliance. Therefore, neither the Alliance nor any of its agents, employees or other members shall be liable to an Alliance member for any advice, information or recommendations that such member may receive.

We encourage all members to get to know the other members in their private Alliance Group. Each Alliance Group becomes a powerful team of executives when each member's objectives, strategies and personal values are well understood by the other members in the group. Alliance members come together with a philosophy which encourages each of us to ask "how can we help one another" to clarify and achieve our visions and goals.