Chamaine Elder - Research Analyst


Chamaine Elder has more than 20 years of work experience in human resources, customer service and administrative support at various levels within a broad range of organizations. Prior to joining the Alliance, she facilitated payroll and inventory needs for Cork Supply USA; supported executive staff as an administrative assistant for Landis Enterprises, a builder and manager of a microbrewery and restaurants; and provided legal assistance/support for Copart, one of the largest auto auction companies in the United States. Early in her career, she gained significant customer service experience while working as a flight attendant and station agent for America West Airlines.

Chamaine lives with her husband, son, and their family dog Beamer, in the East Bay. She enjoys her heart-felt title as personal assistant to her son, as she vigorously takes on multiple roles: chauffeur, cook, tutor and advisor in his life. She enjoys Napa Valley wines and cheering from the sidelines at her son’s sporting events.