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The Alliance of Chief Executives has partnered with CEO Global Network—a CEO and executive learning organization dedicated to helping business leaders succeed—to enable Alliance members and their top executives to participate in their Global Leadership Training Program (GLTP). The GLTP is an excellent learning opportunity for you, your direct reports, or other high-potential/high-performing leaders deeper within your company.

Developed through extensive practical experience and delivered 100% remotely, the GLTP focuses on learning that is absolutely essential for leaders at all levels, and has been proven to improve the development of their professional leadership skills.

Hear what CEO Global Network faculty have to say about the GLTP program:

The GLTP curriculum focuses on the three major leadership imperatives for high performance:

Developing Emotional Intelligence
This is the single biggest predictor of leadership success. Successful leaders are able to effectively manage others because they understand and manage their own emotions.

Building the ‘A’ Team
Every successful leader has developed a team of high performers – a team that trusts each other, holds each other accountable, allows productive conflict to occur, and gets things done.

Developing a Culture of Accountability and Getting Results
Communication and clarity are both key to creating a culture of accountability and getting results. It is critical for a leader to clearly define and communicate goals and responsibilities.

Participants will achieve increasingly advanced abilities to:

  • Use the best information to make quality decisions
  • Understand the motives and competencies of those around them
  • Find and keep ‘A’ players
  • Build and lead strong, functional teams
  • Resolve strategic challenges to achieve strategic initiatives
  • Take responsibility and get results
  • Drive change
  • And dramatically improve a company’s performance!

The program includes 40 hours of participative training divided into ten monthly peer group sessions. Each participant also receives a 30-minute, one-to-one coaching session every month. Detailed information on the GLTP—including session themes and the Enrollment Application—is available at ceoglobalnetwork.com/GLTP. The total cost of the program is $7,500 USD per participant.

CEO Collaborative Forum

CEO Collaborative Forum is an independent, professional network offering confidential experience sharing across disciplines, industries and geographic areas to C-level executives and entrepreneurs since 2005. With a mission to empower CEOs and leaders to make a difference, CEO CF fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among top executives.

CEO CF's commitment to the future is evident through their CEO CF nextGen initiative. CEO CF nextGen focuses on nurturing and mentoring the next generation of leaders, equipping them with the skills and mindset needed to lead with purpose and drive sustainable growth. It reflects CEO CF's forward-thinking approach and dedication to building a strong and responsible business community for the future. Additionally, CEO CF engages in insightful conversations through their newest podcast, CEO Reflects. This platform showcases interviews with industry-leading CEOs, offering unique perspectives, wisdom, and inspiration to drive personal and professional growth.

Learn more about CEO CF at www.ceo-cf.com.