Alliance Voices, East Bay Alliance Leaders Share Business and Life Stories

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Date: Friday, February 21, 2020
Location: San Ramon

At our February 21st East Bay Regional Meeting, in the spirit of sharing the awesome collective wisdom of our Alliance community, we were treated to outstanding examples of the extraordinary wisdom and experience of our community of Alliance members as four members presented their “Alliance Voices":

  • Anu Shultes, CEO of LendUp Global, addressed today’s financial markets for young people and the challenges they face to obtain credit and build sound financial futures.
  • Dave Dutton, CEO of MDC Vacuum Products, explained his experiences in 3 different turn-around situations, and the benefits of focusing on the “5 Ps” - Product, People, Patrons, Payment and Plans.
  • Dennis Heath, Founding Principal of MBH Architects, shared the resources he tapped into during his firm’s most critical crisis.
  • Hugh Coppen of Winning Leadership explored how his unique Tasimba safari immerses leaders in the African wilderness in an extraordinary and inspiring personal growth experience.

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