How COVID-19 Is Affecting Alliance Companies – Week 30

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October 05, 2020

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Below you will find the results of a CEO survey taken by Alliance leaders on October 5th (Week #30 of the Covid-19 crisis). The results indicate that, in general, our businesses continue to slowly improve. While we’re continuing to return more employees to their workplaces, our projection for when we will no longer take COVID-19 into consideration when making business decisions is July, 2021. Check out our latest CEO Survey results below.

  • % of businesses reporting they were negatively impacted by COVID-19 on March 16th (Week #1) was 75% and has declined to 58% by Week #30.
  • % of businesses reporting they were positively impacted by COVID-19 improved from 12% in Week #22 to 20% in Week #30.
  • The projections for when COVID-19 will no longer be a consideration when making business decisions is projected for July 2021.
  • Alliance CEOs reported that:
    • In Week #30, 57% reported their business was better than the prior survey.
    • In Week #30, 15% reported their business was worse than the prior survey.
  • Return to our physical worksites remained steady during the past 2 weeks, the:
    • % of companies who have returned some employees to their worksites is at 60%.
    • % of companies who have returned 75% or more of the employees has grown to 38%.
    • % of companies reporting setbacks in RTW is at 29%.

How is the COVID-19 situation impacting your business?

How has your business changed?

In what month do you project COVID-19 will no longer be a consideration when making decisions that affect your business and employees?

Returning Employees to their Workplaces

The survey was completed by members of the Alliance of Chief Executives, most of whom are CEOs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Arizona. CEOs in other regions can look to this data to help make their own plans.

More than 300 companies were asked to participate in this survey, and these CEOs lead companies in virtually every industry and range from early-stage growth companies to midsized companies to global public companies. However, most of the businesses surveyed are midsized companies in the $20 to $200 million dollar revenue range. The survey was conducted via Emojot, an enterprise-grade customer experience management platform.