Nuggets from Behind Closed Doors

Inside every private Alliance meeting, there are hundreds of years of experience. While keeping confidentiality of the member who provided the challenge to their group, we’ve captured (with permission) just some of the insightful comments from a handful of members. Read what these members had to say to get a glimpse of what it is like to be an Alliance member.

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Member David Earp Speaks: Convene the Board to Consolidate Strategy and Introduce New Members

Integrating a newly hired board member often comes with both changes and challenges. David Earp, President and CEO of Circle Pharma, shares some effective approaches for successfully bringing new board members up to speed.

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Member Jorge Titinger Speaks: You are the CEO. Time to Turn up the Heat.

Boardroom pressures can derail a CEO’s agenda to the detriment of the company’s ultimate performance. Jorge Titinger, former CEO of SGI, walks through a few strategies to regain control and deliver shareholder value, rather than appease problematic board members.

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Member John Dicconson Speaks: Get Beyond ROI with Your Investors

Strategic alignment between a CEO and his or her board is a primary driver of overall business success. John Dicconson, President of Tech Care Now Associates, lays out a vision that values operational success in addition to return on investment.

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Member Menko Deroos Speaks: Want fresh direction? Get some fresh air.

Though a CEO may know the best direction to take, it is often another matter to align company employees and a board of directors behind the decision. Menko Deroos, CEO & Co-Founder of Xicato, explains his tried and true strategy to create a path forward.

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Member Nadim Maluf Speaks: Civilized Discourse is Mandatory

Dysfunction at the board level is a potent catalyst for company failure. Nadim Maluf, CEO of Qnovo, gives some proactive guidelines to keep peace and promote company success.

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Member Brad Freitag Speaks: Go Direct, Go Small, Learn Lots

Alliance Top Team Member, Brad Freitag of FileMaker, shared his thoughts on a case brought by an SVP whose company was reinventing itself as a cloud provider offering SaaS in place of their current hardware/software package.

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Member Shane Buckley Speaks: Reaffirming Executive and Non-Executive Function

Here’s what Shane Buckley, CEO of Xirrus, shared with his Alliance peers following a discussion from a CEO who was seeking clarification between executive and non-executive board member functions to help clarify precisely what is expected of a CEO.

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Mike Kamm Speaks: Have an Expert Help Make the Case

When a fellow Alliance member had an issue with his company's board, the company needed to make investments to ensure long-term growth. However, the board was more concerned with quarterly growth and meeting the expectations of Wall Street. As a result, the Alliance member was having difficulty making his case. Here's what Mike Kamm, former President of Cassidy Turley, shared with his Alliance peers.

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Member John Senaldi Speaks: Start Small Before Going Big

Read what John Senaldi, CEO of Freeslate, shared with an Alliance member whose investor-backed firm was considering whether to gamble big by going after a difficult segment of the market, which would take major investment and take years, but could yield big results.

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