Nuggets from Behind Closed Doors

Inside every private Alliance meeting, there are hundreds of years of experience. While keeping confidentiality of the member who provided the challenge to their group, we’ve captured (with permission) just some of the insightful comments from a handful of members. Read what these members had to say to get a glimpse of what it is like to be an Alliance member.

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Member Paul Sechrist Speaks: In Acquisition, Lead Actively and With the Customer in Mind

Acquiring a company presents unique challenges as the acquirer seeks to maximize cohesive branding and functional efficiency. Alliance member Paul Sechrist of Coherent suggests, while every integration of a company is unique, active leadership and the establishment of key driving principles help achieve successful integrations.

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Member Jorge Titinger Speaks: You are the CEO. Time to Turn up the Heat.

Boardroom pressures can derail a CEO’s agenda to the detriment of the company’s ultimate performance. Jorge Titinger, former CEO of SGI, walks through a few strategies to regain control and deliver shareholder value, rather than appease problematic board members.

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Member Camillo Martino Speaks: Study Deeply and Engage Discretely Before Deciding

One of the most challenging judgment calls a CEO must make is whether and when to sell the company. Camillo Martino, Board Member and Executive Advisor, formerly CEO & Director of Silicon Image, lays out some considerations for making the right call.

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Member Paul White Speaks: Take that Downturn and Flip it Upside-Down

Your company’s in great shape - now use your financial and competitive strength as a strategic advantage should a downturn materialize. Paul White, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Muir Equity, advocates capitalizing on strategic preparation as a competitive advantage to better position your company during and after the storm.

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Member Navin Nagiah Speaks: You are not ready (yet) to make a decision.

Torn between being a market leader & IPO’ing or selling the company? Navin Nagiah, President & CEO of DNN Corporation, offers some considerations to help distill a smart decision.

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Member Cat Lincoln Speaks: Actions Speak Louder than Contracts

Signing a deal is worth as much as the paper it’s printed on. Cat Lincoln, Founder and CEO of CLEVER, advises little tolerance of contract risk.

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Member Ebbe Altberg Speaks: Before You “Scale Up,” You Have Some Answering To Do

Scaling a business requires clear strategic vision. Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab, asks some hard, but necessary, questions for the CEO that seeks radical growth.

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Member Keith Matasci Speaks: Focus on Bench Strength

Got an all-star player on your team? Alliance Member, Keith Matasci, Vice President of Operations for Bentek, recommends building up alternative human resources who hold the same knowledge. A good coach doesn't neglect his or her bench.

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Member Peter Bailey Speaks: Be the White Knight, Not a Kamikaze

Alliance Member, Peter Bailey, President & CEO of Vertical Communications, shares his insights on a case brought by the CEO of a technology company that was disrupting a traditional market by replacing hardware with a much cheaper software solution.

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Member Rob Conant Speaks: External Skills Solving Internal Problems

Alliance Member, Rob Conant, CEO of Cirrent, shares his insights on a case brought by the CEO of a recently purchased company, whose parent seemed unwilling to loosen the purse strings and invest in growing his company.

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Member David Traversi Speaks: When CEO Passion Ebbs, Discipline Is Required

The case at hand was brought by a CEO, who was in the middle of a taxing M&A deal. He was feeling intense CEO fatigue and looked to his Alliance group for advice. In response, here’s what David Traversi, former CEO of Traversi Capital Advisors, shared with this Alliance peer.

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Member Lesley Stolz Speaks: Build a Shared Vision

Lesley Stolz shared some well-seasoned insights regarding a case brought by a fellow Alliance member who planned to eventually sell their company and own the critical technology it then only licensed. 

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Russ Harrison Speaks: Change the Nature of the Conversation

When a fellow Alliance member wanted to acquire a company that would not allow any due diligence on its critical technology, Russ Harrison, President and CEO of The Leadership Group and an Alliance Director, shared the following insights with his Alliance peers.

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Member Alain Couder Speaks: Wait, Then Make the Call

The case at hand was brought to a recent Alliance meeting by an Alliance CEO whose company had a major acquisition in the works. As a result of the acquisition, the CEO believed that the company needed to change from a functional structure to a business unit structure. In response, here's what Alain Couder, then CEO of Oclaro, a global provider of optical products for the telecommunications market, shared with the Alliance member.

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