Alliance Voices: Cal Lai, CEO of Ask.Vet
Company: Ask.Vet
Member Since: 2006

During our November 4, 2016 "Alliance Voices" presentation series, Alliance member Cal Lai, CEO of Ask.Vet, described the current regulatory and business trends at the outset of a new age of Equity Crowdfunding. For the last 80 years, less than 4% of the U.S. population has had any access to startup companies and the ability to invest capital. A revolution and democratization of early stage capital is now at its beginning - including both access for money into companies, and for companies to seek investments from small investors. The Federal Government is providing people the ability to invest small amounts of money in startup companies where they never would have had that ability before. In turn, this allows companies to have yet another option to raise money. And did you know that millennials are now ten times more likely to use equity crowdfunding platforms than baby boomers? Bottom line: crowdfunding is fast becoming a go-to tool for raising equity and will only be more relevant in the coming years. Study up!

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