Alliance Voices: David Matheson, CEO of SmartOrg
Company: SmartOrg, Inc.
Member Since: 2006

How do you make a great decision every time? How to drive organizational change? In business, you’ve got your head, but you’ve also got your heart. Alliance member David Matheson, CEO of SmartOrg, gave an elegant presentation that illuminated the benefits of using both faculties in decision making. David shared stories of the unique relationship he formed with television executive, Mel Harris, in the 1990s while working with Sony Pictures. A great mentor, Mel taught David the importance of storytelling in making lasting change. During David’s “Alliance Voices” presentation on November 4, 2016, he recommended keeping a cool head for good direction, yet nurturing a warm heart for strong action. By searching for the common ground shared by these distinct forces, leaders nurture both rigor and narrative. The result is balanced and effective decision making.

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