Alliance Voices: Peter Hill, Chairman & CEO of Bailard
Company: Bailard, Inc.
Member Since: 2010

Alliance member Peter Hill, Chairman & CEO of Bailard, kicked off of our August 19, 2016 “Alliance Voices” talks with a story about an exciting victory.

In 2012 at the London Olympics, Peter’s nephew, Alex Gregory, won the Gold in the Men’s Four Rowing for Great Britain. This success was not a fluke. Instead, it was obtained by a thoughtfully-executed plan, one that could work in business as it had in sports. Inspired by this Olympic win, Peter explained the framework he established at Bailard, and a plan his team nicknamed “Rio2016.” Using the 5 Olympic Rings as a symbol of success, he outlined the major milestones needed to reach “Rio Gold.” Not only did the five separate categories of success allow Peter to focus his team on myriad objectives simultaneously, but attaching the plan to the actual Rio Olympic Games provided a historic and motivating timeline with a fixed date. The take away of Peter’s talk was the power in identifying real, global events and leveraging them to inspire the form and timeline of your corporate goals. If your results are anything like Peter’s, you’ll attest to the efficacy of this approach.

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