Nuggets from Behind Closed Doors

Inside every private Alliance meeting, there are hundreds of years of experience. While keeping confidentiality of the member who provided the challenge to their group, we’ve captured (with permission) just some of the insightful comments from a handful of members. Read what these members had to say to get a glimpse of what it is like to be an Alliance member.

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Member Gabriel Fairman Speaks: Everyone Should Be Thinking Sales

It can be difficult to scale a company while having to depend on the limited resources of one sales team. Alliance member Gabriel Fairman, CEO of Bureau Works, suggests aligning the entire company with a sales mindset.

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Member Sanjay Bonde Speaks: In Order to Scale, Delegate and Empower Key Players

Companies experiencing accelerated growth often face organizational bottlenecks created by founders who may not be eager to relinquish control of large accounts. Alliance member Sanjay Bonde, CEO of Wintec Industries, suggests delegating client accounts to a sales team led by a high-potential leader trusted by the company’s founders.

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Member Paul Sechrist Speaks: In Acquisition, Lead Actively and With the Customer in Mind

Acquiring a company presents unique challenges as the acquirer seeks to maximize cohesive branding and functional efficiency. Alliance member Paul Sechrist of Coherent suggests, while every integration of a company is unique, active leadership and the establishment of key driving principles help achieve successful integrations.

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Member Bill Newell Speaks: Establish a Core Technology, Not Just a Single Offering

Perhaps a company has developed a stellar product. Or maybe, luck has it that the company has more than one promising product. That’s good, but what really creates value in the long run? Bill Newell, CEO of Sutro Biopharma shares insight into establishing a core technology platform to build upon for long-term value creation.

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Member Edmundo Costa Speaks: You Can “Win” While Holding Second Place in Your Market

Raising millions in a Series B funding round is an admirable accomplishment that any entrepreneur should be proud of — but what if your competitor raised four times more? Alliance member Edmundo Costa of Automation Anywhere shares some well-seasoned insight into making your dollars go further as a second place fundraiser in your market.

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Member David Earp Speaks: Convene the Board to Consolidate Strategy and Introduce New Members

Integrating a newly hired board member often comes with both changes and challenges. David Earp, President and CEO of Circle Pharma, shares some effective approaches for successfully bringing new board members up to speed.

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Member Erin Mendez Speaks: Involve (All) Your People in Strategic Decisions

Whenever major changes occur within a company, there is a risk that employees won’t jump on board with the new plan. Erin Mendez, President and CEO of Patelco Credit Union, shares her insights into the benefits of involving every level of the company when executing major strategic changes.

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Member Peter Koshland Speaks: Share Fears, Empathize and Negotiate

Navigating a fifty-fifty percent ownership structure is difficult, and perhaps even impossible. Alliance member Peter Koshland, Founder of Koshland Pharm, describes the inherent difficulties in this arrangement and strategizes approaches to mitigate dysfunction.

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Member Mark Johnsen Speaks: Fulfillment Doesn’t Rest on the Bottom Line

If you weren’t paid for your work, would you still do it? Alliance member Mark Johnsen, Chief Wealth Architect & Executive Officer at Wealth Architects, explores the importance of finding meaning in our work beyond earning money.

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Member Paul White Speaks: Instead of Diving In, Consider Zooming Out

More often than not, CEOs are hyper focused on the here and now. Paul White, Founder and CEO of Muir Services, advises that while it is hard to step outside and look down upon a business holistically, doing so can reveal transformational opportunities.

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Member Sheeroy Desai Speaks: Don’t Forget The Troops. They Win The War.

CEOs spend a lot of time in the C-suite and sometimes that warps perspective on strategic priorities. Alliance member Sheeroy Desai, Co-Founder and former CEO of Gild, suggests paying more attention to employees on the ground as the company ramps up for serious growth.

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Member Katy Spink Speaks: Turn the Battleship by Planting Seeds

Proposing a major alteration to strategy is tricky business. Alliance member Katy Spink of Asterias Biotherapeutics suggests a measured and gradual approach to changing minds.

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Member Everett Harper Speaks: Exit Patterned Thinking

Companies inevitably arrive at critical strategic crossroads as they strive to manifest themselves in the business world. Alliance member Everett Harper, CEO and Founder of Truss, elaborates on an inclusive, structured process to identify options and evaluate the optimal path forward.

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Member Raj Raman Speaks: How to Find Superstar Employees in Your Backyard.

Executives often search the firmament to hire superstar employees that can deliver outsized results. Alliance member Raj Raman of Minjar suggests an alternative path to success if your dream team isn’t forthcoming.

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Member Jason Petralia Speaks: You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine. Mine It!

CEOs are under constant pressure to increase revenue and profitability. Alliance member Jason Petralia of Raizlabs suggests that an established company could dramatically increase its revenue by prioritizing current accounts rather than finding new ones.

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Member Gil Ben-Dov Speaks: Optimize Yourself Holistically

CEOs can lose touch with the needs and responsibilities beyond work, in areas like family, community and self. Alliance member Gil Ben-Dov, CEO of Total Phase, shares a simple framework in which to holistically evaluate and manage top-line priorities to achieve greater balance and overall effectiveness.

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Member Andy Barrons Speaks: Build on Your Reputation of Independence

No CEO likes lumpy revenue. Alliance member Andy Barrons of Navis offers a cautionary tale and intriguing idea for smoothing out revenue and opening new lines of business.

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Member Rob Stump Speaks: Falling Behind? Disrupt Back!

For market leaders, disruption can lurk on the periphery and threaten company profits and market share. Alliance member Rob Stump, CEO of ANI, advocates an honest approach to “disrupting back” and retaining dominance in the market.

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Member Jeff Cleland Speaks: How About a Win-Win-Win Situation?

Clever corporate actions of spin-off and licensing can create optimized arrangements where all parties win and future value is maximized. Jeff Cleland, President and CEO of Graybug Vision, suggests a tried-and-true maneuver that eschews acquisition in favor of equity swaps and licensing deals.

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Member Jorge Titinger Speaks: You are the CEO. Time to Turn up the Heat.

Boardroom pressures can derail a CEO’s agenda to the detriment of the company’s ultimate performance. Jorge Titinger, former CEO of SGI, walks through a few strategies to regain control and deliver shareholder value, rather than appease problematic board members.

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