LOKKER Announces Launch of Privacy Edge

July 12, 2022

REDWOOD CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE  LOKKER, the Silicon Valley-based privacy software start-up, announced the launch of Privacy Edge™, a breakthrough SaaS solution for public-facing websites. In an industry rapidly evolving to meet the growing demands for a safer Internet, LOKKER offers Privacy Edge™ for companies seeking to better protect their online customers.

"The web has become overrun by a broad range of tech firms and data brokers that collect, package and sell customer data," remarks Roman Pacewicz, LOKKER's Chairman and former Chief Product Officer of AT&T. "LOKKER's technology is a novel approach that addresses the root of the problem. It's an essential component for brands to protect their customers' information and ensure compliance with new regulations."

In a recent study that inspected over 90,000 websites, LOKKER identified an average of 130 third-party scripts per page, and 81% of these scripts were trackers. "Consumers are unknowingly oversharing their personal data every time they visit a site, click on an ad, or make an online purchase," commented Ian Cohen, CEO of LOKKER. "Now that every browser is essentially a new endpoint, companies need better tools to protect their online customers. This is why we created Privacy Edge. It gives companies the ability to monitor and control privacy and protect sensitive data accessed in their customers' browsers, in real-time, in every session, without disrupting their customer's site experience."

Privacy Edge™ works by putting a fence around a company's website from the perspective of the browser, which is the actual "endpoint" for the end user. The software automatically detects and blocks known threats, such as Personally Identifiable Information going somewhere it shouldn't go, and alerts the website owner if further action is needed. In addition, LOKKER is continually scanning tens of thousands of customer-facing websites around the globe, analyzing third-party scripts, cookies, and trackers to build an intelligent database of privacy risks that inform the Privacy Edge™ platform.

"The customer's browser is an often overlooked ‘endpoint' that introduces considerable privacy and security vulnerabilities," said Miriam Rivera, CEO and Managing Director of ULU Ventures, one of LOKKER's lead investors. "LOKKER's new platform is laser-focused on protecting those millions of endpoints in every session, every day."

LOKKER is a Silicon Valley-based data privacy technology company creating software for companies to protect their customers' sensitive personal information from being misused and shared. LOKKER's Privacy Edge™ platform is a SaaS-based solution that automates detection and mitigation of Javascript-based threats that lead to major incidents, fines and reputational damage for companies.