Fall 2008

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Inside the Fall 2008 Issue:

The Resilient CEO
Inside Alliance private working groups, we discuss some jaw-dropping events that land on the chief executive’s desk. Sometimes they are simply challenging opportunities, but often they are disasters that threaten the survival of the business. From hundreds of incredible survival stories, we’ve chosen to reveal four of the most amazing. With special permission from each CEO, we’ve told the story of the adversity they had to overcome, how they survived, and what we can all learn from their experiences.

Alliance Community Activities
Recent Alliance CEO Roundtables gave CEOs the opportunity to learn about executive compensation issues and “Business Sustainability for Sustainable Businesses,” while Bob Sutton, author of the best-seller, “The No Asshole Rule,” discussed the hidden costs of keeping assholes on your team. Check out the photos of these events, along with shots from Alliance members and our Alliance Fall Dinner.

Extreme Partnering: A Case Study
Alliance member Igor Gonda, CEO of Aradigm, a pharmaceutical company, discusses his failed partnership with a “big pharma” company, reveals the lessons he learned, and explains the keys to successful business partnerships.

New Members
Check out our newest Alliance members who run companies in industries such as solar cells, healthcare modeling, online shopping, structural engineering, 3D animation, pharmaceuticals and online language learning.

Upcoming Events
We've got some great events coming up, including a CEO Roundtable on Technology Partnerships, our Alliance Holiday Dinner, and keynote discussions with Bill Campbell of Intuit, Warren Bryant of Longs Drugs and Judy Estrin, author of “Closing the Innovation Gap.” Alliance members are invited to attend all keynote discussions, even if their group is not meeting that day.

Also inside: A Keynote from Regis McKenna, Member News, and more. Download it now!