Fall 2019

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The Power of Collaboration
The Alliance of Chief Executives creates private, safe environments where leaders have confidential conversations, exchange strategic insights, and challenge conventional thinking. Something magical often happens when talented leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences come together. They find ways to collaborate on new strategies, extraordinary ideas and opportunities, and sometimes create entirely new companies. This story shares a few of the many impactful connections made by our amazing community, with a spotlight on Alliance members Alex Ashton of Image Design Works, Nate Harding of FoxEye Robotics, Joe Heanue of Triple Ring Technologies, Lynn Heublein of SkinSpirit, Cal Lai of Ask.Vet, Phil Murphy of GNU Group, Dave Summa of Business Model Innovations and Dean Zikria of AsthmaTek.

Alliance Community Activities
Several Keynote events held throughout this past quarter provided invaluable opportunities for Alliance members to leverage the experiences of some of the most successful leaders in the Bay Area. Alliance members welcomed former CEO and Chairman Emeritus of Cisco, John Chambers, software CEO pioneer and long-time venture capitalist of Hummer Winblad, Ann Winblad, and Dan Warmenhoven, former CEO of NetApp, to our Alliance Regional meetings. At our June Alliance East Bay Regional Meeting, we were treated to outstanding examples of the extraordinary wisdom and experience of Alliance members: Ed Fahey of RINA Accountancy Corporation, Augusto Savio Cavalcanti of Daitan Group, Gabriel Fairman of Bureau Works and Evan Bailyn of First Page Sage, who shared their “Alliance Voices.” Alliance members and their guests from throughout the Bay Area gathered together on September 26th to enjoy our Alliance Fall Dinner at the City Club in San Francisco.

Nuggets From Behind Closed Doors
There are hundreds of years of experience inside every private Alliance meeting. While protecting the confidentiality of the member who challenged their private Alliance Group to “sit in their seat,” we’ve captured just a few of the insightful comments from a handful of members. Read how Mark Johnsen of Wealth Architects and Jim Flatt of Brightseed would address the challenges faced by two of their fellow Alliance members.

New Members
Check out our newest Alliance members, who run a wide range of companies in industries such as: Ocean Surface Robotics, Cancer Therapeutics, Digital Marketing, Biological Systems Engineering, Wealth Management, Printed Electronics Technology, Smart Building IoT Technology, Grid-Scale Energy Storage, Integrated Cellular Therapies, Edge Virtualization Software and Fleet Management Software.

Upcoming Events
We've got some great events coming up, including Alliance Keynotes: Maddy Dychtwald, Co-Founder of Age Wave, John Bates, Founder of Executive Speaking Success, Alden Mills, Founder of Perfect Fitness and Unstoppable Teams Author, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare, and Eamonn Kelly, Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte. Don’t miss our upcoming Roundtable events: Alliance Software Roundtable on October 16th in San Mateo, Alliance Professional Services Roundtable on October 17th in Fremont, and our Business with Family Roundtable on October 25th in Hayward.  We invite all Alliance members and their guests to join us for our Alliance Holiday Dinner on December 5th in San Mateo.  

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