Winter 2008

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Inside the Winter 2008 Issue: 

Indispensable Tech Tool for CEOs
Members talk about the devices that keep their lives organized - especially when it counts.  For many CEOs, tech tools like the Blackberry have become the lubricants that keep their business lives on track. We interviewed about a half dozen of our members about their Blackberry addictions, Treo preferences, organizational tools and how it's all changed their lives since "the old days" when people carried loose change for payphones. Read how one CEO made peace with the family and still got to keep his PDA!

Alliance Photos
We had a great time at our 11th annual Alliance Holiday Dinner and we have lots of pictures to prove it - along with shots from a couple recent keynote discussions.

The Courage to Fire - A Case Study
When Alliance member Bud Michael came to the realization that he would have to fire one of his brightest and most senior engineers, it took courage, but he pulled the trigger. Read about the recoil, and learn some of the common issues and best practices when a key team member just has to go.

New Members
Check out our newest Alliance members, who come from such diverse industries as banking, healthcare, real estate services, semiconductors, software, fine wines and many others.

Upcoming Events
We've got some great events coming up, including CEO Roundtables and Keynote discussions . Alliance members are invited to attend all Keynote discussions, even if their group is not meeting that day.

Also inside: Book Reviews, Member News and more. Download it now!