Winter 2013

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Inside the Winter 2013 Issue:

High Speed, No Speed and Back Again
When high-tech entrepreneur Mark Dzwonczyk took over as CEO of a troubled, 110-year-old telephone company in rural upstate New York, he discovered that the lessons of Silicon Valley don’t apply everywhere. However, he learned new lessons as he turned around the company—as members of his Alliance group who made a special trip East got to see for themselves.

Alliance Community Activities
Recent Alliance CEO Community Activities included a variety of CEO events such as:  CEO Roundtables in which Bay Area CEOs and Top Teams discussed issues including “Teaming Up for Successful Revenue Campaigns” and “Why Isn’t Your Top Line 30% Higher?” and keynote discussions with Geoffrey Moore, author of Escape Velocity and Crossing the Chasm, on effective business migration; and Soren Kaplan, author of Leapfrogging: Harness the Power of Surprise for Business Breakthroughs, on the power of surprise.

How to Avoid the Killer Acquisition
When weighing an acquisition, many CEOs look at the target company's size and track record. But in recent interviews with more than 65 mid-market CEOs, CFOs and corporate development executives, there are other factors to consider. Using specific examples, Alliance Director Rob Sher discusses the complexities that accompany deals of varying sizes and circumstances—whether one is acquiring a small player or entering a merger of equals.
New Members
Check out our newest Alliance members, who run a wide range of companies in industries such as professional sports, data protection, sustainable food service, social marketing, custom mobile websites, contracts intelligence, infrastructure software and many more.

Upcoming Events
We've got some great events coming up, including our Alliance Holiday Dinner; CEO and Top Team Roundtables on “The Hallmarks of the Fastest-Growing Alliance Member Companies” and our Alliance/European CEO-CF Summit; and keynote events with Bill Reichert, managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, and Evan Bailyn, author of Outsmarting Google, and David Lapin, author of Lead by Greatness.

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