John Bates, Founder, Executive Speaking Success

Date: Friday, October 18, 2019
Location: San Ramon

John Bates is one of the most prolific TED-format trainers in the world, John has been privileged to get to know and work with many accomplished executives. In his work John noticed that when people first take the stage, pitch new clients or take on a new role, they first try to "establish their credibility."  However, John asserts that in most of these situations, credibility is already assumed; you have the business card, you were given the stage or the opportunity… and trying to establish credibility on top of that merely serves to tarnish it. In a profound experience, John realized that what truly matters in these instances is not establishing your credibility, but rather, establishing your “Emotional Credibility™" John will join us to discuss this number one leadership and influence tool and how to wield it effectively.

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