Member Bernie Tobin Speaks: Growing Quickly? Sacrifice Speed to Find the Best Fit

The Challenge:

In the situation at hand, a CEO was seeking insight into maintaining a healthy and effective company culture while growing their team.

If you were in this situation, what would you do?

If I were in your shoes, I would focus on four steps to ensure that my vision for expansion runs smoothly. I would begin by mapping out my ideal future organizational chart with a clear strategy and timeline to achieve it. Next, I would keep a pulse on employee needs and engagement with regular surveys and opportunities for discussion during town hall meetings. Thirdly, I would form a committee by appointing a leader from each functional department to nurture company culture within their respective area. Meeting with each of these leaders frequently would allow me to keep an ear to the ground about how well new hires are meshing with the current workforce. Finally, I would ensure that I’m hiring employees who map well to the needs articulated in our open positions. I’ve found that seeking candidates with transferable skills has led to great hires. It’s important for me to remember that if I don’t have any current candidates who would fit well in the predefined buckets of my future organizational chart, I need to cast a wider net.

Things may be moving quickly, but I’ve found I’m better off if I take my time to find the right fit rather than rushing to hire on a deadline. Someone once taught me to always hire better than my best – advice that I’ve carried with me in my career. Best of luck!