BullGuard Wins Best-in-class Gold Malware Protection Award

February 07, 2018

BullGuard has won a prestigious Gold Malware Protection Award from AV-Comparatives for its next-generation layered defence system. This best-in-class award acknowledges the high levels of protection BullGuard provides in defending against malware.

It is also testament to the strength of BullGuard's leading layered protection which provides triple layers of defence including powerful malware detection capabilities, a class-leading firewall and an enhanced vulnerability scanner that among other things alerts users to network access points that hackers like to exploit.

AV-Comparatives is an independent testing lab that rigorously assesses security software products. It ran a number of tests on BullGuard Internet Security during 2017.

The tests checked for how well BullGuard detected known malware and also the effectiveness of its behavioural detection engine which identifies and blocks newly released and as yet unrecognised malware such as ransomware.

Following these tests, AV-Comparatives awarded BullGuard Advanced + protection status for its consistently effective results in detecting and blocking all types of malware. These persistently positive results during 2017 led to BullGuard being awarded the best-in-class Gold Malware Protection Award. BullGuard was one of only two companies to win this coveted award.

Ongoing innovation
In the fight against cyber-crime, BullGuard never stands still. The introduction of new innovations to BullGuard Internet Security ensures customers have the best defences possible against all types of malware and cyber-attacks.

A next gen anti-malware engine provides triple layers of defence. It recognises trusted websites and applications, it continually scans code for anomalies associated with malware and when malware is detected, it is locked down in quarantine and neutralized before infection can take place.

A new firewall provides added layers of protection. Optimised for popular operating systems, it tracks security updates, uses less CPU power so other applications run smoothly, and incorporates enhanced features such as application filtering to protect users against applications that may be hiding malware. It also blocks unauthorised attempts to connect a device to the Internet.

A new vulnerability scanner alerts users to network access points hackers like to exploit. It also stops applications that could contain malware from downloading automatically, checks for missing security updates and Window's operating system updates and automatically carries out a number of network checks to ensure users are always protected.

About BullGuard
BullGuard is a leader in consumer cybersecurity. We make it simple to protect everything in your digital life - from your data, to your identity, to your Smart Home. BullGuard combines technical expertise with a genuine understanding of your needs to deliver complete protections across all your connected devices. As part of our ongoing promise to be champion of today's digital consumer, we've added Dojo by BullGuard to our multi-award winning product portfolio. It's the best custom-built solution to protect Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home, and gives customers the freedom to add as many Smart Home devices as they want without compromising privacy or security. Dojo by BullGuard is the cornerstone of a Smart Home, ensuring a connected world where every consumer, in every home, is smart, safe and protected.