Rachel Haurwitz Among the Nominees for Newsweek’s “Women of the Future” Issue

January 18, 2018

Newsweek asked 20 prominent women to each nominate an up-and-comer they believe will be a trailblazer for the next generation. Jennifer Doudna, Co-Inventor CRISPR-CAS9, nominated Alliance member Rachel Haurwitz.

Jennifer Doudna first met Rachel Haurwitz when she was a graduate student at her laboratory in University of California, Berkeley, where Doudna conducted some of the early research on CRISPR. “A sudden idea hatched over a flurry of late-night emails and led Rachel to go back to the lab in the wee hours of the morning to try the new approach, leading to success,” recalls Doudna.

Today, Haurwitz’s biotechnology company, Caribou Biosciences, is using CRISPR gene-editing to solve real-world problems in health care and agriculture. Caribou began as a startup in the basement of the same building as Doudna’s world renowned lab. Her company’s research could help address the growing problems of antimicrobial resistance, food scarcity and vaccine shortages. Haurwitz is bringing even more innovation to the CRISPR field, including a recently developed tool called SITE-Seq that helps identify when CRISPR makes mistakes.

“Rachel and I share a similar intensity and passion for science, and we're both long-distance runners,” says Doudna. “She is training for a marathon.