VHT Renamed To Mindful

April 20, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VHT, providers of premier customer experience solutions for over two decades, has announced that it is renamed to Mindful, taking on its namesake solution for enterprise experiences.

Mindful centers its technology solutions around the customer while providing immense benefits to agents, employees, contact centers, and brands overall. While the customer service industry has long struggled with the tradeoff between experience and efficiency, Mindful applies its unique and proven methodology to enhance both aspects.

“Our evolution to Mindful is built on the expertise gained from over 25 years serving over 300 of the world’s leading brands, and billions of individual customer interactions,” says Matt DiMaria, CEO of Mindful. “We’ve continuously translated that knowledge into new and updated offerings that enable our clients to stay one step ahead of customers’ expectations and not just solve problems, but deliver a delightful experience at every turn.”

Beginning as patented pioneers of callback in 1995, Mindful integrates its decades of accumulated experience with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies to create a premium experience at every touchpoint. Its long-standing connections to the contact center industry has allowed the Mindful team to establish a firm foundation in the most emotional part of the customer’s journey.

Launched first in February 2020, Mindful was the original name for a cloud-based callback for enterprise brands. After enhancing the platform and core customer journeys, key developments and deployments with Fortune 10 brands have kept Mindful at the forefront of the digital customer journey as well.

“For us, customer-centricity is key,” says Matt DiMaria, CEO of Mindful. “A mindful experience is all about bridging the gap between experiences, smoothing out the customer’s search for answers in ways that best suit everyone involved: customer, agent, and brand. Ultimately, a mindful journey means operational excellence for brands, gaining efficiencies and insight into the total experience.”

The new brand can be explored at getmindful.com. Viewers will find new content on the site that explores every aspect of the total experience, revealing Mindful’s approach to customer struggles, agent challenges, and opportunities at the operational level. Mindful continues to be available for purchase directly with sales members, through select resellers, and through marketplace listings. Interested brands can find out more and request a demo at getmindful.com/get-started.

About Mindful

Mindful is the chosen experience platform for the world’s biggest brands. With dedication to keep the customer in the driver seat, Mindful empowers brands and agents to engage them at critical moments. Deep integrations into contact center technologies can be connected in days, allowing enterprise brands to transform the customer journey in record time. Delivering surprise and delight across every touchpoint, Mindful bridges the gap between experiences, smoothing out the customer’s search for answers in ways that fits the preferences of both the customer and the brand.