Member Survey: DETERMINED to Build Enterprise Value

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March 28, 2012

Case categories include: CEO Survey   Strategy & Planning   

Many mid-market companies need to accelerate their financial value quickly.. For example:

  • Closely held firms: Get big enough to buy competitors
  • Family-owned firms: Maximize the approaching payday from selling out
  • Private equity-owned firms: Make the exit date more lucrative
  • Public companies: Get shareholders off their back 

But mid-market firms face big risks to accelerating value that don’t plague big companies and startups to the same degree.  For example:

  • Killing the golden goose while looking for other fish to fry (unlike startups)
  • Not being able to easily write off investments if the innovation initiatives produce duds (unlike large companies)
  • Lacking a deep bench that can pursue on new markets, new products and new services (unlike the large companies)

We surveyed Alliance members who want to aggressively increase the value of their firms:

  • Three year time frame.  No quick hits.
  • Only aggressive companies took the survey.
  • Significantly build enterprise value at a faster clip.

We looked for a subset of the Alliance community, since we can all learn from those on the edge.... 

Download the survey results and analysis that we presented at the March 23rd Alliance Round Table.