Member Burt Cummings Speaks: Sell Yourself Through the Pain You Solve

The Challenge:

The case at hand involves a CEO who was the focus of an Alliance meeting. After the group heard his presentation, they challenged him to more clearly explain his company’s value proposition. The CEO engaged the group in a fruitful brainstorm to better understand what his company offers.

If you were in this situation, what would you do?

If I were you, I’d go to the core of what your services enable your client to do. Don’t focus on the intermediary steps, but rather go straight to the pain you solve. Therein lies your core value proposition.

Although you’re new to the group, you know already that nobody here pulls punches. If we did, we wouldn’t really be helping each other out. If I were in your shoes, I’d conclude that I have much more than a technology training company. Your clients call you in because their field engineers require technical expertise to sell new products. Yes, your company provides services that fulfill that function. But, what does your service really do for the customer in the end? In my opinion, you enable them to accelerate their sales cycle. Your client’s real pain isn’t lack of technical savviness, but the resulting sluggish speed to sale. The core of what you do is help them sell faster and make more money.  How you do it doesn’t matter, it’s the return you provide that counts.

Through our meetings, I’ve been impressed with your immense technical knowledge. Yet, your clients aren’t buying this. They are buying the promise that things will get better. Focus less on what you offer and more on your client’s real pain. Are you just a technology training company? Or, are you a one-stop-shop for rocketing your client’s revenue through the roof?