Member Sheeroy Desai Speaks: Don’t Forget The Troops. They Win The War.

The Challenge:

The issue at hand was brought by the CEO of a rapidly expanding technology company. As his organization was bracing for tenfold year-over-year revenue growth, he was outlining his plans to reorganize senior management into a leaner machine.

If you were in this situation, what would you do?

If I were in your position, I would focus on your field team. The base factor in booking revenue is successfully installing technology with customers. If you lose the ground game, it won’t matter much what’s happening in the C-suite. 

Every CEO in this room would trade his or her left eye to have the kind of revenue growth you are poised to experience. Hats off for a remarkable job. However, if I were in your shoes, I’d focus less on upper management changes and ensure my field organization is primed and ready to roll. I would worry if I were not one hundred percent confident in the individual overseeing my field operations. Most companies get one chance to rapidly scale, and fouling the actual implementation of customer technology is often an organization’s death knell.

I’ve overseen the installation of distributed systems before. However, those projects were not close to this magnitude. Even at smaller scales, the devil was lurking in the details as to how we got our product installed and working so that customers began paying. Especially for companies that have grown from startup phase, grand strategic planning and high-level organizational house cleaning are critical and should be prosecuted in due course. But on the eve of a high-octane growth spurt, I’d be up late nights thinking about the millions of units that need to be installed in a few short months. Am I ready for that? If not, what do I do to get ready?