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The implicit understanding among Alliance members is that, in exchange for their willingness to share their own experience and knowledge, they gain access to the extraordinary collective wisdom of the Alliance community of CEOs. Our members do amazing things and here we've collected some of their lessons learned to preserve and highlight the wealth of knowledge in our membership. Alliance Founder & CEO, Paul Witkay, also shares his perspectives on topics such as leadership, strategy and innovation.

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Tom Friel

It is Never Forever
July 06, 2006

Planning for succession is a difficult topic, but an essential one. Clarifying the line between dependency and leadership is critical, and much of the work of succession is reducing dependency on the CEO.

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Todd Mozer

Betting on His Core Competency
May 30, 2006

Summary: Keeping its area of core competency strong is just what Sensory Inc. did, and sales have more than tripled as a result. Every company must pay rapt attention to how and when it invests in its core competency.

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Sharing the Dream of Success Brings Top Talent for Less
November 21, 2005

Summary: Engineer turned entrepreneur bootstraps his company, but can't afford the talent he needs. Through careful sharing of equity, he builds a great team who bring results amazingly fast.

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Rob Wrubel

Purist to Populist
May 06, 2005

Great business ideas are often borne by finding the mainstream's interest in little-known products and services and making them more popular. Serial entrepreneur Rob Wrubel has a track record of doing just that, although it didn't happen overnight.

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Rich Jepsen

Sailing Beyond the Small Business Mindset
May 06, 2005

A small business struggles along staying small for many years. Its owners grow tired of the struggle and recommit to building a bigger and healthier business. Key signs of being stuck in the small business mindset are identified, and steps that can be taken to get your business to the next level.

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Tom Engdahl

The Pain Doctor
February 24, 2005

Tom Engdahl is the pain doctor of business. He looks for pain in an industry then develops the cure. He's done it over and over again, each time with a business success and a liquidation event.

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It’s No Longer Product vs. Service
December 24, 2004

A software developer is confident that he understands making products and selling them over and over again. But when customers ask him to start a new business -- providing a service of paperwork processing for clients, he hesitates because it's a service. Can this product-driven firm succeed in low-tech services?

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