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The implicit understanding among Alliance members is that, in exchange for their willingness to share their own experience and knowledge, they gain access to the extraordinary collective wisdom of the Alliance community of CEOs. Our members do amazing things and here we've collected some of their lessons learned to preserve and highlight the wealth of knowledge in our membership. Alliance Founder & CEO, Paul Witkay, also shares his perspectives on topics such as leadership, strategy and innovation.

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Preparing for the Next Wave in Data Privacy
June 01, 2018

Alliance members Ian Cohen of Experian Consumer Services, Himanshu Dwivedi of Data Theorem, Ted Elliott of Jobscience, Ju-kay Kwek of Switchboard Software, Ersin Uzun of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and Christy Wyatt of Dtex Systems, discuss the sweeping new Data Privacy and GDPR rules taking effect, and how organizations should reconsider the ‘what, where and why’ behind their data practices.

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Sid Nandi

Stop (Frequently) and Think About the Big Picture
September 27, 2016

With so many demands on their time, CEOs often struggle to take pause and give unfettered thought to the long-term plan. In a recent Alliance meeting, the gathered CEOs were inspired by the approach of Alliance member Sid Nandi, Founder & CEO of TeqTron. This case study focuses on his successful steps to set aside time, think about goals, plan for the long-term, and keep on track for success, all while maintaining transparency and accountability to his greatest assets – his employees.

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Good News for a Bad Economy
May 19, 2009

In a dismal economy, Alliance members find ways to move forward. One company secures a financial "safety net," while another looks outside of their traditional areas of growth to form a new business, some diversify their services while others focus on customer service to help their clients stay in business or gain market share against weaker competitors.

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Alan Olsen

Standing Out From the Crowd
October 16, 2008

After a new CEO arrives, a mild mannered accounting firm begins a lighthearted marketing campaign on cable, print and web, which drives the top line to 400% within four years, and growth continues at 30% annually. Read about the benefits of standing out from the crowd.

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David Takeuchi

A Branding Lesson:  The Four Cornerstones
November 10, 2007

Branding is about creating relationships. By building multiple relationships with a client, the CEO discovered new opportunities to grow his business. Four ideals behind successful branding are explained.

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Bob Brown

Selling through Education
June 23, 2007

If your prospects don't understand your value proposition, educate them. The company developed conferences to reinforce its solutions and position itself as a knowledge leader, which leads to higher sales. Learn the keys to creating a great educational setting.

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Brent Meyers

Synchronizing Brand Image with Deliverables
December 21, 2006

Successful companies do not survive on brand alone. A CEO comes into a struggling company and rebuilds its brand by rebuilding the value proposition, and then delivers. The importance of building and maintaining brand is examined.

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Ryan McGredy

From Service to Process to Product
October 21, 2006

Sometimes we sell more than a product or service. By learning his clients' businesses and modifying his own company's offerings, the CEO creates more value for everybody.

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Lori Bonn

From Brand to Icon
June 21, 2005

Most decisions in our world stem from emotion. Jewelry firm Lori Bonn Design turned its founder into a public personality - an icon, as part of its branding strategy and as a result, hit it big on TV. Take branding to the next level.

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Not all Clients are for You
June 09, 2005

Summary: A new architectural firm discovers that some clients just aren't for them, and don't contribute to profits. Based on their strategic objectives, they develop of prospect profiling system to avoid likely problem clients and focus on business that is most useful for growing the firm.

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Rob Wrubel

Purist to Populist
May 06, 2005

Great business ideas are often borne by finding the mainstream's interest in little-known products and services and making them more popular. Serial entrepreneur Rob Wrubel has a track record of doing just that, although it didn't happen overnight.

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Showcasing Your People
February 06, 2005

Your customers want to know that your firm can satisfy their needs. At K/P Corp, it's the people on staff that deliver, with the help of equipment. When Rich Barbee was appointed CEO he found that the equipment was being marketed, not the people. That was fixed, with excellent results.

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