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The Alliance community is all about our amazing members. Alliance members lead companies in virtually every industry and market sector ranging from early-stage private companies to global public companies. And, to be expected, their personal backgrounds are as diverse and wide-ranging as their companies. We’ve never been able to figure out how to describe the Alliance to someone who hasn’t experienced it. Therefore, we invited a few of our members to describe their "Alliance Experience" using their own words.


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Curtis Allen, President & CEO of AcceleRAD Technologies
Company: AcceleRAD Technologies
Member Since: 2005

Curtis Allen, President & CEO of AcceleRAD Technologies and Alliance member since 2005, talks about his long-time involvement and experience with the Alliance of Chief Executives. He is the former President & CEO of Altair Technologies.

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Alliance of Chief Executives

The Alliance of Chief Executives is an active community of business leaders that focuses on deep strategic exchanges, challenging existing assumptions and generating fresh ideas. Through private, high-level, confidential groups, Alliance members share unique insights, perspectives and experiences that lead to breakthrough ideas and competitive advantage.

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