Spring 2014

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Inside the Spring 2014 Issue:

The Lonely Job of Leadership
Evan Bailyn (Group 271) of First Page Sage spent the first five years out of college building several successful businesses, but his ambition came at a cost. “I wasn’t happy at all. I was emotionally absent all the time,” he says. While Bailyn took steps that had a transformative impact on his life and career in a positive way, he and other Alliance members discuss the unique pressures that make a CEO’s job such a lonely one—and what they do about it.

Alliance Community Activities
Recent Alliance CEO Community Activities included a variety of CEO events such as:  CEO Roundtable on “Leading Your Board,” on the common challenges CEOs face when dealing with their boards of directors and Keynote discussions with best-selling author Maynard Webb on his latest work, Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship, and former Visa CEO Joe Saunders on leading the biggest IPO in U.S. history. 

Nuggets From Behind Closed Doors
There are hundreds of years of experience inside every private Alliance meeting. While protecting the confidentiality of the member who turned to his or her group for help, we’ve captured just a few of the insightful comments from a handful of members. Read how Prem Uppaluru (Group 321) of Transera Communications and Israel Niv (Q400) of DCG Systems thought they would address the challenges faced by two of their fellow Alliance members.

New Members
Check out our newest Alliance members, who run a wide range of companies in industries such as biotherapeutics, public relations, robotic exoskeletons, mobile application design, retail food and restaurants, genomic tumor profiling, customer research, and many more.

Upcoming Events
We've got some great events coming up, including our Alliance Spring Dinner, our CEO Summit Meeting with the CEO Collaborative Forum (CEO-CF), and keynote speakers such as Bob Sutton, Stanford professor and co-author of Scaling Up Excellence; Alan Fine, a pioneer in the modern coaching movement; former Disney and National Geographic filmmaking executive Adam Leipzig, and many others.

Also inside: Member News, photos from our Holiday Dinner, and more. Download it now!