Summer 2013

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Inside the Summer 2013 Issue:

Business Across the Pond
The European market is difficult to break into, says Bristlecone’s Ashok Santhanam (Group 305). But there is a good side: “Once you’ve broken through… as long as you keep doing a good job, your exit barriers will be much higher.” Read what else Ashok and other Alliance CEOs say about going to Europe—and what European CEOs say about the opportunities stateside.

Alliance Community Activities
Recent Alliance CEO Community Activities included a variety of CEO events such as: CEO Roundtables in which Bay Area CEOs and Top Teams discussed issues such as “Building An A+ Top Team” and “Professional Services” and Keynote discussions with David Lapin, author of Lead by Greatness, on where true leadership authority comes from; and Juliet Erickson, author of the book, The Art of Persuasion, on communicating persuasively.

Why The Time to Check Your Strategy Is When It’s Working
Success on short-term execution is no guarantee of long-term stability and growth. And yet, many companies are not rigorous about strategic and operational planning, nor do they connect the two well. Using real-life examples, Alliance Director Rob Sher demonstrates how successful CEOs separate strategic and operational planning, set a cadence for each, and call out pre-determined early warning signs focused on underlying assumptions that support the strategy.

New Members
Check out our newest Alliance members, who run a wide range of companies in industries such as medical diagnostics, energy recovery systems, restaurants, marine terminal operations software, knowledge management solutions, engineering services, and many more.

Upcoming Events
We've got some great events coming up, including our Alliance Spring Dinner; Alliance Special Interest Group meetings for Cleantech and Consumer Company executives; and keynote speakers such as TEDx Speaker Boot Camp trainer John Bates, Stanford University neuro-economics professor Baba Shiv, Godfrey Sullivan, CEO of Splunk, and David Gensler, CEO of Gensler Architecture, and others.

Also inside: Member News, photos from our European Dinner, and more. Download it now!