Winter 2009

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Inside the Winter 2009 Issue:

When Down Turns Up
Members of the Alliance of Chief Executives aren’t content with merely riding out the current economic storm. These leaders are acting—right now—to gain advantages for when the financial cycle is back on the upswing. From improving communications and restructuring organizations to aggressively seeking new talent and acquisition targets, find out which CEOs are tightly focused on better times ahead.

Bay Area CEOs Shall Lead the Way
Paul Witkay talks about the current economic environment and how the globalization of financial systems has created a world economy in which governments no longer have much control. However, innovative companies shall lead the recovery and there is no region on earth that innovates like the Bay Area!

Alliance Community Activities
Recent Alliance CEO Roundtables gave CEOs the opportunity to learn about successful technology and life science partnerships, while Tim Brown, CEO of leading design firm IDEO, spoke about how innovation is extra valuable during economic downturns. Check out the photos of these events, along with shots from Alliance members and our Alliance Holiday Dinner.

Keeping Control of the Top Team: A Case Study
Alliance member Paul Levitan, CEO of Galaxy Desserts, discovers what to do when your top sales exec is putting up barriers. This case study traces the problem from its beginnings to the day the exec was fired, including the fallout and the effect it had on Galaxy’s subsequent growth.

Upcoming Events
We've got even more great events coming up, including a CEO Roundtable on funding life science companies, our Alliance Spring Dinner, and keynote discussions with Tom Siebel, founder & CEO of Siebel Systems, Eamonn Kelly, CEO of the Global Business Network, David Thomson, best-selling author of ”Blueprint to a Billion,” and others. Alliance members are invited to attend all keynote discussions, even if their group is not meeting that day.

Also inside: Member News, Intuit’s Bill Campbell, and more! Download it now!