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The implicit understanding among Alliance members is that, in exchange for their willingness to share their own experience and knowledge, they gain access to the extraordinary collective wisdom of the Alliance community of CEOs. Our members do amazing things and here we've collected some of their lessons learned to preserve and highlight the wealth of knowledge in our membership. Alliance Founder & CEO, Paul Witkay, also shares his perspectives on topics such as leadership, strategy and innovation.

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Karl Hansen

Growing through Referrals
February 23, 2006

Referrals are the least expensive way to bring in new business. An employee benefits company amazes their clients with incredible service, and for the past 18 years grows only through referrals, diverting all its marketing spending into operations.

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Ed Kit

Intelligent Off-Shoring
February 06, 2006

A company finds an excellent way of managing off-shoring, taking advantage of the positives while avoiding the pitfalls. Blending the efforts of on-shoring with off-shoring and a commitment to close management are key.

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Pat Moultrup

Avoiding Costly Surprises When Going Global
December 10, 2005

A firm signs leases overseas and discovers some nasty surprises that cost it big bucks. Some simple but key steps are discussed to avoid being surprised by local rules, laws and practices.

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Jim MacDonald

Management by Getting Your Hands Dirty
September 21, 2005

A manager is fired, and the CEO steps into the role. The CEO fixes critical problems and builds new systems. A well-run department is passed on to a new manager.

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Terry Lim

Taking Training Seriously
September 06, 2005

Summary: A retail chain has incredible training program, which instills corporate values in new hires and teaches product knowledge as well as systems and customer interface protocols. After the initial training, they weave training into the company's routine.

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Not all Clients are for You
June 09, 2005

Summary: A new architectural firm discovers that some clients just aren't for them, and don't contribute to profits. Based on their strategic objectives, they develop of prospect profiling system to avoid likely problem clients and focus on business that is most useful for growing the firm.

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Cut Customer Costs Instead of Prices
June 06, 2005

Low-tech concrete meets high-tech logistics when RMC Pacific Materials acts to save their customers money through integration and technology, rather than price cutting. The result: industry leadership and a choice contract: The new Oakland -San Francisco Bay Bridge.

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Tom Oliver

In Charge but Not In Control
January 12, 2005

New CEO steps in ready to ramp up, but discovers serious product problems and has to re-engineer and refinance to save the firm. Read how to avoid these kinds of surprises.

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