Nuggets from Behind Closed Doors

Inside every private Alliance meeting, there are hundreds of years of experience. While keeping confidentiality of the member who provided the challenge to their group, we’ve captured (with permission) just some of the insightful comments from a handful of members. Read what these members had to say to get a glimpse of what it is like to be an Alliance member.

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Member Menko Deroos Speaks: Want fresh direction? Get some fresh air.

Though a CEO may know the best direction to take, it is often another matter to align company employees and a board of directors behind the decision. Menko Deroos, CEO & Co-Founder of Xicato, explains his tried and true strategy to create a path forward.

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Member David Matheson Speaks: Is Change Always a Bottom Up Revolution?

It’s extremely rare for an app to unilaterally disrupt an established market. David Matheson, President & CEO of SmartOrg, underscores the importance of engaging institutional players to drive major market change.

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Member Stuart Latta Speaks: Forget the Org Chart. Own Processes For Which You’re Accountable

Alliance Top Team Member, Stuart Latta, Vice President of Supply Chain & CDS for Nestle Dreyer's Ice Cream, shared his insights with the CFO of a large, multinational corporation who felt a lack of control over what he was ultimately accountable for. He was fully accountable for the financials of the company, but the regional CFOs reported to a market head who reported directly to the CEO.

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Member Ittai Bareket Speaks: You Need Someone You Can Trust

When a fellow Alliance member was preparing to enter Japan with a huge partner that would resell its software, the member wanted to know what to do to succeed and whether to hire locally or not. Here's what Ittai Bareket, CEO of Netformx, shared with the Alliance member.

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